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Freedom of Information and Access to Information

The Housing Agency is committed to being open and accessible. A large body of information about the our activities is available in on our website, publications and reports.

Freedom of Information

What is the Freedom of Information Act?

The Freedom of Information Act, 2014, gives you the right to access records held by the Housing Agency and other state organisations. You don't have to give a reason why you want to see these records. A decision on your request must normally be made within four weeks. Please refer to the Housing Agency’s Section 15 & 16 Manual to

What can I ask for?

You can ask for the following records held by the Housing Agency

  • Any records relating to you personally, whenever they were created 
  • All other records created after 21 April, 1998 (when the Act came into effect)

A record can be a paper document, information held on computer, printouts, maps, microfiche, audio-visual material, etc.

Public bodies such as the Housing Agency must also produce a section 15 and 16 manual reference books to help the public:

  • The Housing Agency’s function, its services and classes of records it holds;
  • How the Agency makes decisions under enactments and schemes we operate,

You can inspect these books online (see below).

Link to Section 15 & 16 Manual

How do I make a FOI request?

Write to the FOI Officer, Housing Agency, 53 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2. In your letter you should:

  • Refer to the FOI Act and enclose the appropriate fee if applicable (see below) 
  • Give as much information as possible about the records you want 
  • Specify how you prefer the record - as paper copies, or in another format such as a CD-ROM

Ciara Galvin

Freedom of Information Officer, 
Housing Agency 
53 Upper Mount Street,
Dublin 2.

If I'm denied access to information, can I appeal against the decision?

Yes. You may ask the Housing Agency for an internal review by a more senior officer. They will inform you of the result of the review within three weeks.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the internal review, you may ask the Information Commissioner to review the matter.

Do I have to pay?

No, however, fees may be charged for the cost of photocopying in the case of personal information. There are also charges for the search and retrieval of other information.

Access to Information on the Environment

Applications for Access to Information on the Environment should be made to:

Ciara Galvin

Information Officer, 
Housing Agency 
53 Upper Mount Street,
Dublin 2.

When making a request for information under the Access to Information on the Environment Regulations you are required to:

  • state that the application is being made under the AIE Regulations and submit it in writing or electronic form (,
  • provide your contact details,
  • state, in terms that are as specific as possible, the environmental information required, and specify the form and manner of access desired.

Normally you will be notified of the decision on your request within 1 month of its receipt.