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Data Protection Privacy Notice

Who we are

The Housing Agency is a government agency focused on supporting local authorities, the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) and Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs). The Agency also implements the Pyrite Remediation Scheme and is the interim regulator of the AHB sector.

We are a non-departmental body under the aegis of the DHPLG. We work closely with our colleagues in DHPLG to ensure and support the delivery of ministerial policy objectives. We are subject to all Data Protection Regulations and Legislation. We work to act in a fully accountable and transparent way.

In order to carry out and a number of functions to support our stakeholders, the Housing Agency receives personal data (information) for a variety of purposes about individuals who utilise a number of services the Agency provides. The purposes of processing data include:

  • the underwriting of loan applications, on behalf of Local Authorities;
  • the pyrite remediation scheme, on behalf of the Pyrite Resolution Board;
  • assessment of mortgage to rent applicants, on behalf of lending institutes; and
  • annual housing assessment process.

Full details of the types of data processed, legal basis for processing, where the data is recieved, retention periods and sharing with third parties is outlined below.

Data Received from

Legal Basis


Data Provided

Sharing Your information


Local Authorities

Consent from data subject to Local Authority

Loan Underwriting of local authority loan applications for housing loans.


Full Loan Application Form


Full application form is returned to the relevant local authority when recommendation determined.

Personal data is overwritten on the database 30 days of recommendation made to local authority.

LGMA on behalf of Local authorities

Consent from data subject to Local authority

Undertake an assessment housing needs annually




To be determined

Lending Institutions

Consent from data subject to Lending Institute

Purposes of assessing mortgage to rent applications



In order to assess your mortgage to rent application form, the Agency must share your address with a valuer, your local authority,

Approved Housing Bodies and the

Department of Housing Planning and Local Government


Upon case completion 

Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB)

Consent from data subject to PRB

Purposes of remediating homes under the Pyrite Remediation Scheme

Full application details

Consultants and Contractors are engaged by the Housing Agency to undertake the works to your home, and in this case your name, address and contact details are provided to them.

13 years under Contract Law

Homeowner – Pyrite Remediation Scheme


Consent from data subject

Recoupment of Costs under the Scheme

Bank Details


6 years under section 886 of the Consolidated Tax Act 1997

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Data Protection Officer

The Agency has appointed Trilateral Research Ltd as the Data Protection Officer (DPO). Should you need to make contact with the Housing Agency DPO, you can do so by phone of email.

Ph:       016564100 or



Data Subjects Rights


You have the right of Access your personal data, which includes how it is being processed, what is being processed, who it is shared with, how long is it kept for.

You can request this free of charge through contacting

You also have the right to rectification, erasure, object to processing and to restrict processing. Further details on these rights can be found on

Making a complaint with the Data Protection Commission

Under Article 77 of the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commission if you consider that processing of your personal data is contrary to the GDPR.

Under Article 80, you may authorise certain third parties to make a complaint on your behalf.

Complaints to the Commission should be made in writing and addressed to:

Email:      or

Postal Address: The Data Protection Commissioner,

Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois

The Data Protection Commissioner also operates a helpdesk function, which is contactable at 0761 104 800 or LoCall 1890 252231