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Housing Options for Households with Specific Needs

1. Options for households to remain in their home?

a)    There is a Housing Adaptation Grant for people with a disability that provides financial assistance to have work undertaken in their home that is necessary to make the house more suitable for a person with a disability to live in.  The person’s disability must be lasting and involve physical, sensory, mental health or learning difficulties. The types of works covered include the fitting of access ramps, downstairs toilet, stair-lifts, level access showers, changes to allow wheelchair access, extensions, and any other works which are reasonably necessary to make a house more suitable for a person with a disability to live in.

b)    The Mobility Aids Housing Grant Scheme covers a basic range of works to fix problems with mobility most often, but not always, caused by ageing.  The works covered include grab rails, access ramps, level access showers, stair-lifts, and other small works reasonably necessary to make a house more suitable for a person with mobility problems to live in.

c)    The Housing Aid for Older People Grant Scheme is there to help older people living in poor housing conditions to make necessary repairs or improvements to their houses.  This scheme has replaced the Essential Repair Grant and Special Housing Aid for the Elderly in 2007. The type of work which is grant-aided varies from one local authority to another. In general, it can include structural repairs or improvements; rewiring; repair or replacement of windows and doors; the provision of water, sanitary services or heating; cleaning and painting; radon remediation; and any other repair or improvement work considered necessary.

2. Local Authority/Approved Housing Body Housing

If you require alternative accommodation, some approved housing bodies are specialist providers that provide alternative accommodation specifically for people with disabilities or for older people.

Some local authorities provide special accommodation for older people. This is usually community accommodation with special security features, for example, wardens, security cameras etc. You are eligible for this housing if you are entitled to priority on medical or compassionate grounds and you satisfy the age requirement. If you are single, you must be aged 55 or over. For couples, one person must be aged 60 or over and the other must be 55 or over.