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Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2018

Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2018
27 Sep 2018

The purpose of the Assessment is to count the total number of households qualified for social housing support to inform policy and plan for the right types of housing support.  It brings together information provided by local authorities about the numbers of households assessed as qualified for housing support on a prescribed date – 11th June 2018. 

The headline figure from the Assessment is ‘net need’ – that is the number of households qualifying for social housing support whose social housing need is not being met.  The net need figure from this Assessment is 71,858 households – this is a 16.2% decrease on the last count, undertaken in June 2017.

The report provides a breakdown of the data by set criteria – local authority, age, household composition, current tenure, basis of need, accommodation requirements, source of income, length of time on the list, etc.

Report on the Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2018 HERE