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Housing Management

Working Paper on Anti-Social Behaviour

This paper was prepared in 2008 is an international literature review of what other selected countries are doing to tackle anti-social behaviour. It is hoped that it will be of interest and assistance to housing practitioners, and that it will help to further inform their approach to tackling this issue. It also complements the Good Practice Guidelines linked below on ‘Preventing and Combating Anti-Social Behaviour’ (December 2003).

Tackling anti-social behaviour: international problems, indigenous solutions (PDF 394 kb)


Supporting Low-income Homebuyers in Ireland, 1990–2003: Profile, Policy and Issues

The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government commissioned the study to examine the effectiveness of
low-income home ownership schemes over the period 1990–2003 and to make recommendations for any necessary improvements.

Supporting Low-income Homebuyers in Ireland, 1990–2003: Profile, Policy and Issues [PDF, 6mb]


Good Practice Guidelines

The development of good practice guidelines on a range of aspects of housing management is a central step in identifying good practice in housing management. These guidelines provide more in-depth guidance on the steps that local authorities should implement in order to achieve good practice in the various aspects of their housing management function.

The guidelines also suggest a wide range of actions which, depending on their individual circumstances and resources, local authorities may strive to implement in order to achieve best practice in housing management.

Good Practice Guidelines Housing Refugees 2003 [PDF 293kb]

Good Practice Guidelines Preventing and Combating Anti Social Behaviour_2003 [PDF 224kb]

Good Practice Guidelines Rent and Assessment_2001 [PDF 291kb]

Good Practice Guidelines Repair and Maintenance of Dwellings_2000 [PDF 209kb]

Good Practice Guidelines Tenant Participation_2001 [PDF 255kb]

Good Practice Guidelines Training and Information for Tenants_2004 [PDF 250kb]

Good Practice Guidelines Void Management_2001 [PDF 165kb]