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Pyrite Remediation Scheme

The Pyrite Remediation Scheme (Scheme) has been set up to remediate dwellings that have been significantly damaged as a result of pyritic heave caused by the swelling of hardcore under ground floor slabs. The Scheme has been prepared by the Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB) under the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013.

The details, terms and conditions and eligibility criteria of the Scheme are set out in a separate document “Pyrite Resolution Board - Pyrite Remediation Scheme”, a copy of which can be downloaded from

The stages in the Scheme are as follows:

Stage 1: Application & Validation

Stage 2: Assessment and Verification Process

Stage 3: Remedial Works Plans

Stage 4: Tendering and Tender Analysis

Stage 5: Decision to Contract

Stage 6: Dwelling Remediation

Stage 7: Retention Period

Stage 8: Application Closure


The Guide for Scheme Participants can be downloaded at:

The guide sets out to provide further information to applicants whose dwellings have been included in the Scheme.  Therefore, the “applicant” is referred to as the “Scheme Participant” throughout this guide.

The guide explains what is involved in Stages 3-8 of the remediation process and what is required of Scheme Participants during these stages.

The guide also provides information to the Scheme Participant on other aspects of the Scheme, such as the programming of Remedial Works, the Homeowner’s Agreement, the process for recouping expenses, etc.

click here to download a copy of the frequently asked questions

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