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Guidance Materials

There has been a concentrated effort by Government to bring about a resolution to the unfinished housing developments around the country.  The following guidance documents are the result of collaborative work by a wide ranging group of people all committed to resolving Irelands unfinished housing developments.

Report of Advisory Group on Unfinished Housing Developments

On the 9th June, 2011, the final report by the Advisory Group on the Unfinished Housing Developments was launched by Mr. Willie Penrose, T.D., Minister for Housing and Planning.

The report has highlighted a number of key findings:

  • Housing developments are not all the same and they fall into different categories. Some will work themselves out over time and require little or no State intervention.
  • At the other end of the scale, there are developments, which are more problematic and are effectively abandoned and these require significant State intervention.
  • Developments that have been resolved have had a good deal of co-operation among all parties involved. There are better outcomes where all stakeholders work together.
  • An overall finding is the need for an assessment and plan for each development, which is called a Site Resolution Plan. Where this is in place, agreed by all parties, you get a better result.

Main Report: 'Resolving Irelands Unfinished Housing Developments' [PDF539kb]

Executive Summary: 'Resolving Irelands Unfinished Housing Developments' [PDF 133kb]