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Guidance Manual on Resolving Unfinished Housing Developments

A Guidance Manual on Managing and Resolving Unfinished Housing Developments has been prepared by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the Housing Agency.

The purpose of the Manual is to support the delivery of sustainable communities and government policy in relation to proper planning and sustainable development by:

  • Supporting the restoration of confidence in the housing development sector.
  • Identifying effective mechanisms for resolving issues that have arisen with particular unfinished housing developments.

Objectives of the Guidance Manual

The objectives of the Guidance Manual are to:

  • Focus on new issues that have arisen in developments with significant levels of complete/near complete and vacant and partly complete dwellings.
  • Highlight the specific roles and responsibilities that key stakeholders must play in managing and resolving developments that are in serious difficulties.
  • Outline the principal mechanisms that are currently available under existing legislation and practice to address unfinished housing developments.
  • Ultimately restore confidence in the housing market to the benefit of citizens, the various stakeholders to the construction process and the economy as a whole.
  • Secure sustainable long term uses of vacant property in line with existing Government policy and housing need as outlined in local authority housing action plans.
  • Resolve the on-site issues which are negatively impacting on the quality of life of people living in uncompleted housing estates and the wider neighbourhood.

Guidance Manual on Managing and Resolving Unfinished Housing Developments [PDF 1.5mb]