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interim Regulatory Committee

The interim Regulatory Committee (iRC) was established on the 5th February 2014, to implement the Voluntary Regulation Code (the Code) for Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs), until such time as statutory regulation is provided.

It is a non-statutory committee established by the Minister to:

  • oversee the implementation of the Code for the sector, and
  • to advise on the development of statutory regulation

Terms of Reference

The following Terms of Reference guide the work of the iRC:

1. to oversee the assessment of participating AHBs in respect of their financial viability, governance, management and that they are otherwise in compliance with the Code;

2. to provide advice and recommendations on:

  • the content and requirements of the Code;
  • the monitoring of and the implementation of the Code;
  • the appropriate reporting structures for AHBs under the Code.

3. to provide guidance to participating AHBs, as appropriate, to assist in the attainment of compliance;

4. to bring significant non-compliance issues to the attention of the Minister;

5. to advise the Minister on the development of a statutory regulatory framework, having regard to other relevant regulatory regimes and to experience gained from overseeing the implementation of the Code.

See: Protocol: Working Arrangements for the iRC, the Housing Agency and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government. (Terms of Reference listed in Appendix 1)