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Webinar: Multi-Unit Developments, Apartment Living, and COVID-19
Posted: Mar 27, 2020 Categories: News, Events

With the collaboration of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, and the Law Society of Ireland, The Housing Agency will host a free webinar for stakeholders in the multi-unit developments and apartment sector.

OMC Finances and Governance During COVID-19
Posted: Mar 24, 2020 Categories: News

Further to our 10 Tips for OMCs during COVID-19, we have prepared information on finance and governance matters that may require consideration by an OMC board of directors. 

OMC Finances & Governance During COVID-19

Regulation Office: AHBs and Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Posted: Mar 19, 2020 Categories: News, Events

The Regulation Office has issued an important communication to AHBs relating to the Regulatory Process and Notifiable events during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Important Communication: AHBs and Coronavirus (PDF)

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10 Tips for Owners' Management Companies During Covid-19
Posted: Mar 18, 2020 Categories: News

We have prepared some tips for directors of residential owners' management companies to consider during the COVID-19 period. 

10 Tips for Owners' Management Companies During Covid-19

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Covid-19 update
Posted: Mar 13, 2020 Categories: News, Events

In light of national emergency measures in place in relation to the coronavirus Covid-19, The Housing Agency would like to inform our customers that our work will continue.

Contingency plans are now in place across the Agency. This includes staff working from home, leaving The Housing Agency in a position to provide our services.

Information Webinars for Volunteer Directors of Owners’ Management Companies - April 21, 28 and May 5
Posted: Mar 03, 2020 Categories: News, Events

Multi-unit developments (MUDs) are developments of several homes that share certain facilities. These managed estates are often apartment buildings or duplexes, but they can also be townhouses or stand-alone houses that share common facilities. These communities rely on robust owners’ management companies (OMCs) for them to be successful and sustainable.

With the increasing number of apartments, MUDs, and OMCs across the country, The Housing Agency is holding information webinars for volunteer directors of OMCs.

The webinars will cover:

Bringing housing, health and social care together – solutions for an ageing population: Housing LIN
Posted: Feb 01, 2020 Categories: News, Events
In January 2020 The Housing Agency hosted an event focussed on how best to meet the housing needs of older people. “Bringing housing, health and social care together - solutions for an ageing population: The Housing LIN experience” brought together key stakeholders in health, housing and ageing to hear about potential ways to address this issue.
Outreach Events for Volunteer Directors of Owners’ Management Companies
Posted: Dec 18, 2019 Categories: News, Events
If you are a volunteer director in an owner's management company (OMC) for a multi-unit development, The Housing Agency is holding evening information meetings to help you understand your roles and responsibilities and resources available to you.
 Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2019
Posted: Dec 11, 2019 Categories: News
Each year, the Housing Agency carries out an assessment of households qualified for social housing support. The Summary of Social Housing Assessments brings together information provided by local authorities on households that are qualified for social housing support but whose social housing need is not currently being met. It is a point-in-time assessment of the identified need for social housing support across the country.
International Day for People with Disabilities
Posted: Dec 03, 2019 Categories: News
Today marks the International Day of People with Disabilities. Since 1992, IDPWD has been observed every December 3rd by a range of organisations around the world. The theme this year is "The Future is Accessible" and envisions a time when all environmental and social barriers for people with disabilities are identified and everyone works together to overcome them.