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Mortgage to Rent

The Mortgage to Rent Scheme is a government initiative to help homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes due to mortgage arrears.  The Agency’s manages the scheme and liaises with all the key stakeholders including the lending institutions, Local Authorities, Approved Housing Bodies and home owners.


Minister Simon Coveney annouced changes to the Mortgage to Rent Scheme on the 8th February 2017. Further details on this can be found on the Rebuilding Ireland website linked here -

Status Update – Quarter 1 2019

A total of 4578 cases have been submitted to date.

  • 3075 were ineligible or terminated during the process, of which 303 cases were not progressed because the household in question was deemed to be over or under accommodated.
  • Agreement on the sale could not be agreed on a further 96 cases.

Of the remaining cases submitted:

  • 459 have been completed and the remaining

1044 are actively being progressed.










Various Categories of Cases


Under/Over Accommodated are cases where the property type is not suitable to the household composition either due to overcrowding or under occupancy

Income Excess are cases where the borrowers income is greater than that allowable for the scheme. The income limits are the same as that for Social Housing Support as the household becomes social housing tenants.

Value Excess are cases where the valuation of the property is greater than that allowable for the scheme.

Other include such things as Positive Equity



Duplicate are cases where prior to the introduction of the borrower consent and the exact addresses being submitted cases were submitted more than once in error by a lender.

Borrower Consent not Received are cases that were previously submitted in an anonymised format but following borrower engagement the borrower did not give consent to their information being shared to allow the case to be progressed through the scheme.

LA Declined are cases where the Local Authority has indicated that there is no identified social housing need in the area for the type of property on offer.

Over 15% are cases where it is unlikely that the purchase is viable without at least a 15% reduction on the open market value. Under the protocol agreed in 2015 it was agreed that these cases would not be offered to the AHB Panel. However the lender will be notified of these cases and the lender can request that the case be issued to the AHB panel at any time.

No AHB Interest are cases where no interest was expressed by an AHB to purchase the property

AHB Declined are cases where following a detailed examination of the property the assigned AHB declined to proceed with the sale. The reason for this can include the level of essential repairs that are required to a property to bring it up to private rented standards, the title on the property or other property related issues. If another AHB had declared an interest in the property at the outset of the process in these circumstances the property would be offered to that AHB at this stage.

Withdrawn from the Scheme refers to cases where due to the borrowers or property circumstances the case is withdrawn from the scheme, normally notified by the lender.

Sale not Agreed are cases where the AHB and lender cannot agree a sale price.