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2015 National Housing Survey

Reactivation of sites is increasing, minimal level of ‘unfinished’ developments remaining

Minister for Housing, Planning and Co-ordination of Construction 2020, Paudie Coffey, TD, today published the fourth annual progress report on tackling the issue of unfinished housing developments which reveals a “75% drop in the unfinished developments since 2010 from nearly 3000 to 668 and 324 developments resolved in 2015 alone”.

Minister Coffey was speaking at the launch of the report which also includes the results from the 2015 National Housing Development Survey which tracks progress on unfinished housing developments since 2010.  Among the key findings of this year’s survey are:

  • 75% decrease in the number of unfinished developments over 5 years;
  • 324 developments resolved in 2015; and
  • Reactivation of sites is now evident throughout the country.

Of the 668 unfinished developments identified in the 2015 survey, Minister Coffey indicated that his objective is to resolve as many more developments as possible with a particular focus on the 492 of these developments with residents.

The Department also intends to engage with the relevant local authorities and stakeholders to explore options on the future viability of unoccupied unfinished developments where it would appear that there is little potential of being reactivated and becoming economically viable.

The Minister also highlighted the impact of the Special Resolution Fund stating that:

“the successful implementation of the Special Resolution Fund is evident from the beneficial and necessary works that have been completed on the ground with just under ninety developments to be resolved when works under the fund are complete”

In conclusion, the Minister signalled that the resolution of the unfinished housing development issue has reached a crucial and final phase and that further substantial progress would be evident in the year ahead stating that:

“my objective for 2016 is to secure the resolution of as many more developments as possible and I assure you that I will not spare any of my energy in making that aspiration a reality.”



2015 Overall Survey Results (Excel file 909kb)

2015 National Figures by County (Excel file 39kb)

2015 Progress Report (PDF 11mb)