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Nov 01 2019 - The Regulation Office has released The Financial Standard October 2019Since the publication of the original Financial Standard in 2015, the Regulation Office has gained significant insights and a deeper understanding of the sector and the diversity within it. This revised Financial Standard has been developed with these key learnings in mind.

Oct 08 2019 - The Regulation Office has released the 2018 Annual Report and Sectoral Analysis. This provides a comprehensive overview of the fifth assessment cycle and the outcomes for the sector.

Sept 26 2019 - The Regulation Office has issued a Guidance note on Notifiable Events - it is available here.

Sept 25 2019 - The Regulation Office held a Governance Forum for Board Members and Chairs from Growth AHBs on September 24th, 2019. 

The speakers at the event were Paul Lemass, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government; David Duffy, The Governance Company; Dr. Patricia Barker, DCU and Susanna Lyons, Housing Agency Regulation Office

Please find the individual presentations below.

'Governance in a Growth Environment' Forum - Dr. Patricia Barker, September 2019

'Governance in a Growth Environment' Forum - David W. Duffy, September 2019

'Governance in a Growth Environment' Forum - Susanna Lyons, September 2019


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