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Do You Have a Property to Let?

Local authorities want to lease properties from private owners. These properties will be used to provide housing for people who need it.

Generally one, two and three bedroom houses and apartments are sought in areas where there is a general demand for housing, mainly in urban areas i.e. towns and cities throughout the country.

If you have a residential property and would be interested in leasing it for 10 years or more, you can:

  • Get guaranteed rent.
  • Avoid losing rent during vacant periods.
  • Enjoy more free time without having to manage a tenant and day-to-day maintenance.
  • Escape the hassle of collecting rent and finding a new tenant.
  • Avoid advertising costs.

Shorter-term 'Availability Agreements' are an option for property owners who want to enter into an agreement which has a shorter term and keep their landlord responsibilities.

How Can I Lease My Property to a State body?

  1. Speak to the relevant contact in the local authority where you have a property to let.  They will advise you if they need properties in your area.
  2. Submit a proposal to the local authority.
  3. If the proposal is accepted, your property will be inspected.  You will have to provide relevant documentation to the local authority e.g. proof that you own the property.  
  4. Once approved, the local authority will enter into a legal arrangement with you for the use of the property for an agreed term.

Contact details for Local Authorities [PDF 188kb]

You can contact the Housing Agency with any general enquires -  Tel: 01 656 4100 or e-mail

Property Submission Template [PDF 37kb]

Property Submission Template [MS Word 67kb]