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Welcome to the Housing Agency Data Hub

Average Rent € Q2 2021
Median Sale Price € August 2021
Qualified for social housing support 2020
New Dwellings Completed Q3 2021
Social Housing Delivery: NAMA 2009 to date

The Housing Agency Data Hub provides access to housing data on a range of issues to give an overview of housing in Ireland. These key indicators give an insight into the housing market as it changes over time.  The data comes from a wide range of sources, including Census data, Housing Agency data and data from other government sources. The key indicators in the Data Hub are included in the themes of: Supply, Affordability, Demand, Need & Prices.

Key Statistics


Total population of Ireland = 4,964,440 (an increase of 1.2% from 2019)


Average household size = 2.75 (Census 2016)

Housing Stock

2,003,645 houses and apartments (Census 2016)

  • 1,697,665 were occupied by persons usually resident
  • 9,788 were occupied by guests or visitors
  • 50,732 dwellings unoccupied by residents temporarily absent
  • 62,148 vacant holiday homes
  • 183,312 vacant houses and apartments