Social Housing Eligibility and Need

To find out if you qualify for social housing support, contact your local authority. They will give you an application form so you can apply. You can also download the application form from your local authority’s website.

Find your Local Authority

When your local authority reviews your application for social housing, they check that you:

  • Are within certain income limits
  • Have a right to live (reside) in the state long term
  • Do not have a significant history of rent arrears with a housing authority
  • Do not own a house or land where you could live

Your local authority will also determine if you need social housing. They consider:

  • The size of your household
  • Whether your current housing is overcrowded or not suitable
  • Whether you need specific accommodation because you have a disability
  • Whether you are living in an institution, emergency accommodation, hostel or other temporary accommodation

you will be put on your local authority's housing waiting list.

you should consider renting, buying a house or adapting your existing home to meet your needs



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