Protected Disclosures

In accordance with the Protected Disclosures Act, 2014, the Housing Agency has procedures in place for the making of protected disclosures by employees who are or were employed by The Housing Agency, and for dealing with such disclosures.

A protected disclosure is a disclosure of information which, in the reasonable belief of an employee:

  • tends to show one or more relevant wrongdoings;
  • comes to their attention in connection with their employment; and
  • is disclosed in the manner as prescribed.


Report for 2021

The Housing Agency confirms that it did not have any Protected Enclosures reported to it in 2021. 


The Housing Agency's Corporate Protected Disclosure Policy aims to:

  • Ensure employees feel comfortable in raising concerns, and to question and act upon concerns about particular practices or events.
  • Provide clear avenues for employees to raise any concerns.
  • Ensure employees receive a response to their concerns and feedback on any action taken.
  • Reassure employees that they will be protected from possible reprisals or victimisation if they have a reasonable belief of wrongdoing and have made a disclosure in good faith.

The Housing Agency's Protected Disclosures Policy & Procedures