What we do

The Housing AgencyThe Housing Agency is a team of dedicated housing professionals working towards delivering sustainable and affordable housing for all. Using our knowledge and expertise, we lead the way in informing and delivering housing policy. We are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of the Irish housing sector through our active engagement with others. The work we undertake is broad in terms of supporting all housing related issues.

  • Support policy development through the provision of data analysis and research;
  • Programme evaluation;
  • Central Housing Data Hub to provide access to housing data on range of issues to give an overview of housing in Ireland;
  • Publication of good practice, research work in housing analysis.
  • Supporting the development of resilient and sustainable communities by stimulating discussion, raising awareness and enabling collaboration.
  • Ongoing support and advice across housing delivery and housing management policies and practitioners;
  • The Local Authority National Housing Practitioners Forum;
  • Online resources – Housing Manual
  • National Housing Training Programme. Ensuring suitable development, education is provided to housing practitioners.

We are the national coordinator for Mortgage to Rent, a Government initiative to help homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes.

We are the central national loan underwriter for local authorities in respect of the Local Authority Home Loan

We undertake the remediation of properties affected by pyritic heave once accepted into the scheme through the Pyrite Resolution Board.

We are actively involved in the implementation of The National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability, a framework for delivering housing to people with disabilities through mainstream housing sources.

We work with NAMA, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, local authorities and Approved Housing Bodies to determine if NAMA properties are suitable for social housing.