Advertised Standardised Monthly Rent


The Residential Tenancies Board Rent Index (RTB Rent Index) records standardised, mix adjusted rents on a quarterly basis, from Q3 2007. 

Since 2012, the Index estimated rents across three categories: nationally, Dublin, and outside of Dublin.  More recently it has included more localised geographical information, based on Local Electoral Area level.   The map indicates standardised monthly rent across the country. 


The private rental sector has been increasing in recent years.  For those unable to enter homeownership or social housing it is often their only choice. The rental index informs the rental housing market and can also help shape both public policy and investor decision-making.

Average Rent Dataset reports on the average rent in a number of locations around the country.  This dataset is useful for checking the actual rent being paid for, e.g.,  a semi-detached house in an area.

However average rent changes if the mix of properties rented changes, therefore there is a need to mix–adjust to get a standardised rent.  The Standardised Rent is a mix-adjusted rent i.e. a measure of rents that takes account of the changing mix of properties rented in different time periods.