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How do I Apply for Social Housing Support?

How do I apply for social housing support?

To apply for social housing support from the local authority you must first complete and submit an application form. You can get the application form from the local authority in whose area you wish to live.

Your application is then assessed by the local authority and if it is determined that you are 'eligible’ for housing and ‘in need’ of housing you are placed on the ‘housing list’. This list determines the sequence by which accommodation is provided to people.

In assessing your application, the local authority will consider such factors as:

  • household size
  • household income
  • your present accommodation (if any)
  • the condition of that accommodation
  • other relevant information such as specific requirements due to a disability or medical circumstances, etc.

Houses are allocated to applicants in order of priority, which is set down in the local authority’s Allocation Scheme. For further information, contact your local authority

Do I qualify for social housing?

Firstly, when a local authority assesses your application for social housing they are looking to see if you are ‘eligible’ for social housing by assessing that:

  • you are within certain income limits
  • you have a right to reside in the state long-term
  • there is no significant history of rent arrears with a housing authority
  • you do not own a house that you could live in

Secondly they must determine if you ‘need’ social housing. They consider the type of housing you are currently occupying, for example, if:

  • it is overcrowded or unfit
  • there is a particular need for specific accommodation as a result of disability
  • you are living in an institution, emergency accommodation or hostel, etc.

Following this, where it is determined that you are eligible for, and in need of, social housing then you are deemed to ‘qualify’ for social housing. At this point you are placed on the housing waiting list for suitable accommodation that meets your needs.

For further information, contact your local authority and see Citizens Information.