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Housing Management

Independent Review of funding for Traveller - specific accomodation and implementation of Traveller Accomodation Programmes

The current programme for government highlights the need for an assessment of the TAPs and this commitment was included in Rebuilding Ireland under action 2.23 of the plan. The core objective of the review was to provide comprehensive answers to key questions regarding the scale of delivery across the country and the extent to which the homes provided met the identified needs of Travellers.

Please click here to see full report.

Why Travellers Leave Traveller-specific Accommodation

This research report was commissioned by the Housing Agency for the National Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (NTACC).  It focusses on the reasons why Travellers leave Traveller-specific accommodation and possible approaches to addressing the issues arising.   The research involved a survey for local authorities (to get an overview of the extent and nature of the problem nationally), case studies from three areas and consultations with National Traveller groups. The research includes recommendations and guidelines to enhance practice at a local level

Why Travellers Leave Traveller-specific Accommodation

Pilot Central Heating and Insulation Scheme for Older People Evaluation

The Pilot Central Heating and Insulation Scheme was announced in May 2007. The scheme was targeted at 150 privately owned homes occupied by people over age 65 with incomes of approximately €30,000 or less per year in the Ballyfermot, Whitehall and Crumlin areas of Dublin. The scheme involved the installation of central heating and insulation to homes which did not have these already installed, as well as upgrades to existing insulation and heating systems. The intention of this scheme was to contribute
towards the reduction in fuel poverty in Ireland and to facilitate older people to remain in their own homes and communities for as long as possible through associated health gains.  This report details the findings from the evaluation as well as providing some contextual information on similar initiatives.

Pilot Central Heating and Insulation Scheme for Older People Evaluation [PDF 1mb]

Good Practice Guidelines: Housing Minority Ethnic Communities, Facilitating Inclusion

Growing ethnic diversity has become a reality in many areas of the country. This is a relatively new issue for many local authorities. These Good Practice Guidelines follow on from a report on Building Integrated Neighbourhoods: Towards an Intercultural Approach to Policy and Practice in Ireland [PDF 1.5mb] which scoped out the housing issues emerging from increased ethnic diversity. A key area identified in the report was the need for increased guidance for housing providers.

This publication is intended to be a practical working tool for local authorities.

Good Practice Guidelines Housing Minority Ethnic Communities, Facilitating Inclusion [PDF 1mb]


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