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Minister Darragh O’Brien launches Call for Housing 2020

Posted: Jul 21, 2020 / By: michaelmchale Categories:
Minister Darragh O’Brien launches Call for Housing 2020

Press Release from Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage - Darragh O'Brien

As Ireland continues to face the COVID-19 challenge, additional measures must be taken in order to provide safe and secure homes for all our communities. Minister O’Brien has today launched a “Call for Housing 2020” – a new national call for property owners and developers with vacant properties to make them available for use as social housing.

Minister O’Brien explained, “Local Authorities across the country are urgently seeking vacant residential properties to provide for those who do not have access to housing.

“We are looking for a range of properties including one bed properties, larger family homes and homes that are or can be adapted for those with a disability or accommodation suitable for older people such as a bungalow or an apartment.

“Property owners can also enter into a secure letting arrangement while retaining ownership of their asset through the Long Term Social Housing Leasing Scheme. This will provide them with a stable return on their investment during what is admittedly an uncertain time in terms of the property market.

“A range of other options are also available to property owners to assist in providing social housing supports.

“I remain firmly of the view that new builds are the appropriate approach to a long-term housing strategy, however I am keenly aware of the impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of new builds and my priority is providing sustainable and safe accommodation for those most in need of it,” he said.

Information on the available schemes and detail on how property owners can contact their local authority are available on, by calling 1800 200 934 (8am – 6pm Mon-Fri) or by email to

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