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Policy Insights Series: Issue 1 - Homelessness in the South-East Region

Posted: Jul 06, 2022 / By: Communications Categories:
 Policy Insights Series: Issue 1 - Homelessness in the South-East Region

The Housing Agency Housing Insight Series aims to disseminate good practice in housing and innovative solutions among housing practitioners in Ireland. Issues are published quarterly and provide a case study of effective, practical implementation of a piece of housing policy or practice. The resulting short paper is intended to provide a knowledge base and provide ideas to others in the sector, building the overall capacity of the sector. The Housing Agency sources case-studies from our staff, The Housing Agency panels, housing practioners and stakeholders. This first issue of the Housing Insights Series was published in May 2022 on the topic of Homeless Services in the South-East Region of Ireland and can be found on our website.

This Housing Agency Policy Insights paper describes the changes introduced since 2018 in the South-East region which have resulted in local authorities, homelessness service providers, the HSE and other stakeholders working together to provide a more effective, integrated service. This paper also describes some key innovative solutions introduced in the region to tackle homelessness. The purpose of this paper is to showcase good practice in the implementation of homeless policy. In particular, this paper highlights the importance of good management structures and collaborative working.

You can access and read the full report here: Homelessness in the South East - Full Report