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Homelessness Research Support Programme Projects

Researcher: Focus Ireland
Title: Exploring Alternative Emergency Accommodation Models for Homeless Families


This research considered the strengths and weaknesses of four own-door models of emergency accommodation for homeless families in Ireland (Dublin, Waterford and two in Limerick), these were models other than communal family hubs and private hotels/B&Bs.

The research used a mixed methods approach with a qualitative emphasis and included a review of national and international literature, an analysis of project-related documentation for each of the four models and a series of interviews with relevant stakeholders.

Status: Completed in December 2020 



Researcher: Joe Finnerty - University College Cork
Title: Quality of Life amongst homeless persons moving to settled accommodation


This research relates to a people moving into a home under a recently developed housing-led solution referred to as “rapid re-housing” in an urban area in the south of Ireland.

The research engages with people at key stages, both when they move into a home and then at two subsequently intervals. A series of ‘Quality of Life’ assessment domains have been established to analyse people’s experiences.

Status: Ongoing, expected completion in 2022 (Longitudinal study)


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