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Watch: Building Sustainable Communities: National & International Perspectives

Posted: Nov 09, 2020 / By: michaelmchale Categories:
Watch: Building Sustainable Communities: National & International Perspectives

The Housing Agency's vision is to promote sustainable communities.

Recently The Housing Agency hosted 'Building Sustainable Communities: National & International Perspectives', a series of webinars that considered some of the key elements of future resilient and sustainable communities. Many thanks to our expert speakers for contributing to the series.

Aligning the provision of housing with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing, The European Green Deal, and the National Climate Action Plan 2019 is a response to ensure that housing will be put on a more resilient and sustainable path.

The positive impact of housing and communities; economic effectiveness; inclusion and participation; and cultural adequacy (Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing). The Autumn webinar series built on topics discussed in the Summer webinar series and explores four topics which can facilitate a more resilient and sustainable approach to housing: EU funding for building sustainable housing; the German DGNB Sustainable Building Certification; Community led town centre regeneration; and Sustainable Transport and Housing.

Please click below to view each webinar. Alternatively, view the complete playlist on The Housing Agency's YouTube channel.

The views expressed by the speakers in these videos are not necessarily those of The Housing Agency. All information correct as of broadcast date.

  • Financing the future of housing: Insights on EU funding for sustainable housing from across Europe
    A panel featuring: Lily Maxwell, European Federation for Living; York Ostermeyer, Chalmers University; and  Marie Longueville-Chouteau, Vilogia. (15 Oct 2020)
  • People Power: Community-led town centre regeneration in Dumfries, Scotland
    Scott Mackay, Midsteeple Quarter project (22 Oct 2020)
  • Mobility makes sense: Walkability, neighbourhood design and the future of mobility and housing in Ireland
    Lorraine Darcy, Technological University Dublin (30 Oct 2020)
  • Making sustainability happen: Insights from Germany on the DGNB Sustainable Building Certification System.
    Levan Ekhvaia and Stephan Anders, DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) (5 Nov 2020)