Sustainable Communities

Our vision is to enable everyone to live in good quality, affordable homes in sustainable communities.

UN Sustainable Development GoalsIncreasing pressures on our social, environmental, and economic systems are testing our global and local resilience. It is now more important than ever that we build resilient and sustainable communities.

Aligning the provision of housing with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing, The European Green Deal, and the National Climate Action Plan 2019 is a response to ensure that housing will be put on a more resilient and sustainable path.

The  positive  impact  of  housing and communities  can  be  increased  through  the  application  of  principles  of  environmental  protection;  economic  effectiveness;  social inclusion and participation; and cultural adequacy (Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing).

The Housing Agency is supporting the development of resilient and sustainable communities by:

  • contributing to, and stimulating discussion on resilience and sustainability topics which are relevant for housing;
  • raising awareness of the importance of building resilient and sustainable communities in light of local, national, and global shocks to the system; and
  • providing opportunities for collaboration and future projects.

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