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Private Rented Sector

Posted: Sep 10, 2020 By: roslynmolloy , ursulamcanulty , séinhealy and annemurphy Research area:  Social Housing, Private Rented Sector, Owner Occupied, Housing For Older People, Demand, Design
Apartment Living in Ireland 2019

Housing Agency National Study of Irish Housing Experiences, Attitudes and Aspirations in Ireland - Apartment Living in Ireland 2019.  This study set out to find out how satisfied people living in apartments were with their homes.

The information in this research study was collected by: face-to-face Interviews with more than 500 people living in apartments, two focus groups with families with young children living in apartments and two focus groups with older renters, a literature review and a summary of recent policy changes, legislation and guidelines that impact on the development of apartment living.

The report is available here.

Posted: Jul 11, 2019 By: Roslyn Molloy , Sein Healy , Ursula McAnulty Research area:  Social Housing, Private Rented Sector, Owner Occupied, Demand, Design, Place
Housing Experiences of Renters and Owners in Ireland: Reports 3 & 4

This report is based on findings from the Housing Agency National Study of Irish Housing Experiences, Attitudes and Aspirations in Ireland, and focuses on the housing experiences of renters and owners in Ireland.

The focus of this study is on housing tenure, and examines levels of satisfaction within homes and neighbourhoods.  Tenure is analysed in more detail in the rented sector, with an analysis and comparison of social and private rented housing, while in the homeownership sector there is analysis and comparison of those who own their home with or without a mortgage. 

The report is available here

A working paper discussing the findings is available here.



Posted: Jan 01, 2017 By: Housing Agency Research area:  Private Rented Sector
Rent Pressure Zones - Proposal to Designate Certain Electoral Area's

The Housing Agency’s role in the designation of rent pressure zones is, following a review of rental levels, to consult with the relevant housing authority and to make a proposal in writing to the Minister that an area be prescribed by order as a rent pressure zone.   This proposal, from the Housing Agency to the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, proposes electoral areas to be prescribed as rent pressure zones.

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Posted: Jan 01, 2017 By: RSM PACEC Ltd. Research area:  Housing For Travellers, Private Rented Sector
Experience of Travellers in the Private Rented Sector

This report was commissioned by the Housing Agency and conducted by independent researchers.  The Housing Agency managed the project on behalf of the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB, formerly the PRTB), the National  Traveller Accommodation  Consultative  Committee  (NTACC) and the National Traveller Roma Inclusion Steering Group (formerly NTMAC). The overall aim of the research is to provide greater understanding as to why some Travellers are accessing the PRS and to document Travellers’ experiences, including the pathways into the  sector, outcomes and impacts.

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Posted: Oct 01, 2016 By: National Oversight and Audit Commission Research area:  Private Rented Sector, Supply
Rented Housing Inspections.  A Review of Local Authority Performance of Private Rented Houses Regulations Functions

The Housing Agency assisted the National Audit and Oversight Committee in the completion of this review.  The Reviews examines the performance by local authorities of functions under the Regulations applicable to the private rented sector.  A survey of local authorities was undertaken which sought to establish how they perform their functions under the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses)and Housing (Rent Books) Regulations, the level of inspection activity undertaken and how they ensure compliance by private landlords with the requirements of the Regulations, particularly in relation to the enforcement of standards.

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Posted: Jan 01, 2014 By: DKM Economic Consultants Research area:  Private Rented Sector
Rent Stability in the Private Rented Sector: Final Report

This report examines the potential for rent regulation in the Irish context. This is the first of two reports on the private rented sector which considers short-term and medium to long term options to address the recent escalation in rents. It examines  a  range  of  issues  in  regard  to  rent  stability;  including  the  current  tax  treatment  of  the  rental sector,  the  potential  for  indexation  of  Rent  Supplement  and  the  potential  for  rent  regulation  in  an  Irish context  should  a  political  decision  be  made  in  favour  of  rent  regulation.  The  findings  are  informed  by  a comprehensive  review  of  rent  regulation  in  other  jurisdictions, which examines how they are administered, the pros and cons of different approaches and their impacts.

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Posted: Jan 01, 2014 By: DKM Economic Consultants Research area:  Private Rented Sector
Future of the Private Rented Sector: Final Report

This assessment of the future of the private rented sector is the second of two reports which set out to explore the policy options required to ensure a sustainable private rented sector into the future and one which can play a vital role in accommodating a wide range of households in affordable and good quality accommodation.  It examines regulatory issues and attitudes amongst the main stakeholders as well as reviewing international experience in regard to regulation  and supply measures.

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Posted: Jan 01, 2010 By: Antoinette Fennell , Mart Lee Rhodes , Heike Owens , Mark Dyer , Tony Owens Research area:  Private Rented Sector, Housing for People with a Disability
The Potential Role of the Private Rented Sector in the Provision of Accommodation for Pepope with Disabilities

This report, commissioned by the Housing Agency, is part of a series of three studies examining housing issues for people with disabilities, to inform the Housing Strategy for People with a Disability.  The report reviews the potential role of the private rented sector in the provision of accommodation for people with a disability.  The study includes interviews with stakeholder organisations, people with disabilities, landlords and letting agents.

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Posted: Jan 01, 2009 By: Noëlle Cotter , Candy Murphy Research area:  Private Rented Sector
Students in the Private Rented Sector: What are the issues?

This report was produced by the Housing Agency on behalf of the Residential Tenancies Board.  This research examines students' experiences of the private rented sector, and includes the results of a survey of over 1,300 students.

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Posted: Mar 15, 2008 By: Centre for Housing Research Research area:  Private Rented Sector
Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Revisions of the Standards Regulations Applying to the Private Rented Sector

This paper, prepared by the Centre for Housing Research, provides an analysis of the policy options available in relation to revised minimum standards regulations in the private rented sector.

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